Critical Review of Globe Framework for Assessing National Cultures

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Anthropology Pages: 8 (1631 words) Published: May 23, 2009
 A critical review of Javidan, M., Dorfman, P.W., Sully de luque, M., House, R.J., (2006). ‘IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: Cross Cultural Lessons in Leadership from Project GLOBE.’ Academic of Management perspectives, February, pp 67-90

Global leadership have been seen as a way forward for multi-national organisations, however, the information gathered about different cultural context of countries has been helpful, even it has not been practically and theoretically use to lead in an overseas. Meanwhile, the outcome from the GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organisational Behaviour Effectiveness) research project voice out reliable information for global leadership differences, using a hypothetical of American decision-makers that oversees the same kind of teams in Egypt, France, China, and Brazil to thrash out understanding and cultural implications for American decision makers. Overall countries involved in the study were five for in-depth analysis, and the finding where the same with GLOBE outcome, the purpose was to extract information that will assist to effectively interact with employees from different cultural settings. Finally, discussion on the challenges facing global executive and way out for multinational can build standard global leadership potential (Javidan et al 2006) Impact globalisation

No multinational company of host country from any part of the world including North America is immune to shock globalisation as not all the world shares all characteristics of north American work culture, even as their organisations spread all over the world, had customers, rivals, creditors and also, employee cross-cultural, still never succeed in global market reviewed many scholars due lack of talented cross cultural leaders. The following give an insight.

Multicultural uniqueness will ‘‘develop a deep understanding of a place and incorporate some of their host culture into their own personality, but they also retain their own backgrounds and identities’’ (cf. Karl Moore 2006).

Although, most organisation due not know the impact of societal culture on the vision of their setting. This is because, culture factually, and cover almost all human behaviour and organisational performance. However, understanding the culture and its influences in multicultural business milieu will boost in building cross-cultural leadership and global mindset ability in today’s business. Inadequate the above skill in most multinational company in the past and present really affect especially, the US Corporation due their spread across the globe. This is due to the fact that little studies have carried on the competences, developmental strategies, antecedent and leadership features (Morrison 2000). Also, inadequate of information not scientifically compiled on societal culture and the cultural differences in any specific country contribute to the failure of most business guru’s in a foreign environment.

Although exploring cultural practice and values in a broad range of nations in a way to point out their impact on organisational practices and leadership attributes led to argue review by many scholars on the impact of culture and leadership pattern, which specify cultural traditions, values, ideologies, and norms are bound to ‘differentiate as much or even more than structural factors between societies’ (Lammers and Hickson 1979:10). To bring the review outcome of GLOBE project alive,

Culture and leadership
Culture and leadership associated with multinational organisations in recent have created a lot of concern, even from social scientist point of view have created much challenges, although it related to satisfying human existence. But the research reported from GLOBE Research Project has that both leadership and culture have not been fully attempt in depth research in a way to solve the problem associated failure with global leaders in past. Before an in-depth...
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