Leadership Role in Globalized World

Topics: Leadership, Globalization, Present Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: June 2, 2011
Leadership Role in Globalized World

From the outset of people living in the world, the attitude of one as a leader and the other become followers intensify in tremendous way. No matter where we are or who we are, every one of us has an instinct behavior to lead and control the environment with sprit of leadership. The environment we live, from small village to inter-continental level is networked and interdependent with globalization effect that has to be governed by regional and global leaders.

At present time the phenomena of globalization mingles the world in cross border trade, free mobility of labor force, social, cultural and information exchange among people. Despite being several restrictions is in effect from one country to the other, there is no serious limit to hinder the influence of globalization.

Globalization is interlinked with leadership and as the cultural social, ethical and standard of people differ from one country to other, we may not adopt identical style of leadership across the country. For instance, least developed countries are characterized by low democratic process and poor economic growth coupled with autocratic leadership style. However, I believe this has to be changed and transformational leader is now a demand to various nations. Globalization affects leadership through expand of market, utilizing of opportunities, facing challenges and competition, transfer of employee internationally and curiosity about the diverse culture and politically arena of various countries. On the contrary, various skills are required to be a global leader; for instance, adaptable to situation, executive ability, cooperation, faithfulness, resilience, steadiness and persistence.

As it is written on The Sprite of Leadership by Myles Munroe (2006), ‘Leadership means discovering and serving yourself to the world. When you do this effectively, people will call you a leader. All true leaders are simply glorified servants. Genuine leadership is...
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