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Topics: Education, Teacher, Educational psychology Pages: 12 (3898 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Assumption University
Graduate School of Education
ED 6007 Foundation of Education
Final Examination Paper
Submitted to Dr. Surapee Sorajjakool

Exam Questions

1. Identify current educational issues related to two of the following areas: philosophy, history, teaching & learning, curriculum and social aspects of education. Explain the scenario and give some examples.

With the massive information explosion of the 21st century, the world has never moved so fast. As Patrick A Hyek (2012), Global Technology Sector Leader, Ernst & Young, pointed out on technology and its impact to the world, “Ten to twenty years from now, we may look back on the present as the dawn of the Smart Era: a time when rapid and continuous innovation changed almost everything about the way we live”. The world is going virtually borderless. As of present, we can do almost everything online from shopping to banking, video conferencing in real time with people across continents as well as finding answers to almost everything we could possibly think of from online search engines. As far as education is concerned, the famous Khan Academy ( has proved subject-based cognitive knowledge traditionally learnt in schools can be just as effectively obtained at one’s fingertips in the comfort of one’s own home. On the other hand, the unlimited flow of information has its drawbacks which cause many concerns for educators (Ornstein, A, Levine, D & Gutek, G, 2010). How could we protect our children from inappropriate contents such as pornography, destructive information or violence accessible online?  In addition to the overwhelming amount of information in the 21st century, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) (2012) addressed in their report that our new generation also face the crisis of depleting natural resources and global climate changes of the 21st century. As the world’s resources are depleting, people are pressured to compete against one another to survive. The reality is that there are serious problems in today's societies. Every day we hear tragic news about people killing each other, breaking the law, misconducting, corruption as well as natural disaster.  As an educator, we are asking ourselves what role schools should play to prepare our next generation for these challenges posed by this information age. I believe that there has not been a more appropriate time than now to incorporate values in education as to elicit the human quality of our children in addition to the provision of academic knowledge.  Since we cannot control technology and what comes with it, we should instead equip our children with the right values and inner strength which help them make the right call as to what is right and wrong in any given situation. This can be achieved by embedding human values such as respect for difference, moral, honesty, empathy and love for mankind into the school’s curriculum at all levels. As a result, our next generation will not only be knowledgeable but of a high human quality who will do the right things by themselves and others. For example, moral students would not imitate aggressive behaviour they saw on the internet or elsewhere because they consciously knew such behaviour was wrong. Moreover, it would be dangerous for schools to use subject-based curriculum which only focus on academic excellence in such a fast paced unlimited information age in which we live in today. Without moral and ethics, regardless of their intelligence, our children could grow up to be self-destructive, violent or harmful to themselves and society. Examples of destructive behaviour include that of terrorists who wrongly used their knowledge to harm other people. Teaching and Learning

One of the current educational issues being discussed today concerning teaching and learning is what skills we need to teach our children for the 21st century....
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