Communication Plan

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Dorothy Reed
EDU 225
November 30, 2012
Megan Mattioda

Communication Plan
When I think of communication, I think of it as one of the keys to success. Teachers should have good communication skills when they are teaching or talking with students or parents. When teachers do not have good communication skills, the will most likely be some miscommunication problems. In this essay, I will outline a plan that I will use in my classroom. I will keep my main focus on the students and make sure I keep a good and open relationship with them. I will also focus some of my attention on the faculty, and the community leaders of my county.

As an educator, I will make my students my top priority. I will make sure my students are able to have a good communication relationship with me. Without good communicating skills with your students, you will not have a successful and organized classroom. I will also make sure my students, as well as myself, are up to date on the new technology that is out. I will make a website for the students in my classes that will allow them to have access to the assignments that are due for the week, as well as their grades and projects that are due. They will also have my email address so if they have any questions or concerns about anything, they will be able to email me, as well as ask me in class the next day. I will ensure that all the children are safe when using the internet at school because they will be monitored on what websites they use. If the website is appropriate, then they will be asked to get off. If it is the lower grades, the children will only have access to learning games on the computer. According to Sullivan, he states that the best way to know what your child is doing on the internet is to ask them (Ki Mae Heussner, 2010).

My next group I am going to talk about is how to communicate with the parents. They are just as important as the students. We as educators have to make sure we have a good relationship with the...
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