Censorship and the Internet

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Do you want our future generations being exposed to violence, hate, sex, illegal substances, and false information, and then one day think it would be cool or alright to try these things? The internet is filled with dangerous information, that children should never have the freedom to access. Children learn from example, and if they search, watch, or read something on the web that could be potentially dangerous, they could be influenced or curious and think that it would be alright to imitate one day. If our children now are viewing these things, it could mean that are future generations can grow to be more violent and our world could become more dangerous than it already is today. Censorship is necessary if we plan on having our kids grow up in the safest environment possible. The internet is a wonderful learning tool. Of course like any good thing, the Internet comes with its ups and downs. There are several things that aren’t suitable for any child on the internet, such as pornography, violent material, adult content and more. Many people have experienced this trauma, and it is only getting worse Boom! There it was. All I wanted to do was shop around for new shoes online, but instead I was staring at a webpage jam-packed with lewd photographs. I was only 14. I certainly was not looking to be directed to such a vulgar website; however, much to my dismay, I had simply mistyped the URL to a popular sporting goods store and found myself face-to-face with something I was much too young to see. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. A staggering amount of young children are accessing pornographic material online, whether they want to or not. In this day in age where just about everything is regulated in one fashion or another, many are calling for the censorship of Internet pornography. While some say it is a necessity when it comes to the industry, others argue it is downright unlawful. Internet pornography is a billion dollar industry that shows no signs...
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