The Internet-a Curse, Not a Blessing

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  • Published : February 15, 2009
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‘The Internet- a curse, not a blessing.’

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the invention of the Internet is one of man’s greatest and most spectacular endeavours. For, it has truly revolutionalized the world in regards to how we engage in business, recreate, socialize, educate ourselves and communicate with each other. The Internet eliminated all impediments of conventional methods of operations. Through its construction, the world economies have flourished. Therefore, it can be said in a nut shell, that the Internet has made life on earth ‘easy’ to say the least; but to what expense?

Through studying history, we all know that not everything that was created to make our lives easier has concluded with the improvement of society. In fact, a great number of man’s inventions have contributed to the destruction of our planet. Benjamin Franklyn once said that “man is a tool-making animal,” accordingly, often we have observed the destruction of the world due to man’s ‘well-intended’ inventions. With such inventions as the automobile, train and aeroplane, the ozone layer is now threatened. Through man’s desire to produce a better fruit and to expand his farm resources, insecticides now kill and destroy the earth’s plant and animal life. And through man’s desire to have more space in order to progress and to live, deforestation has changed the oxygen cycle, resulting in there being more carbon dioxide in the air, which in fact heats up the earth. In that same light, the Internet too, is destroying mankind. For it is corrupting our way of thinking, work ethics and is ultimately making the people of the earth lazy. Truly, the once godsend is now proving itself to be a curse.

The Internet is the world’s largest network that connects businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals. But what are we exactly linked up to? The answer to that is simple: pornography and violence. Due to the Internet’s large database, one, at a...
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