Concerns of Online Dating

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  • Published : October 27, 2013
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With reference to relevant literature, identify and discuss a concern which has become a problem for users of the internet

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Date Due:25th October 2013
Lecturer:Warwick Hill
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The internet is a worldwide system of computers that are connected to one another. It is a public, cooperative, uncensored and self-sustaining facility (Harris, 2007) and more than two billion people have access to the system. White (2006) states that it is an “information superhighway” and part of the “global village” (p. 83). The internet’s sinister side is full of uncensored pornography and recipes for bomb making. However the internet is also used for educational information and social and practical issues of the community. This essay will describe a concern which has become a problem for users of the internet, how it has become a concern, why it is a concern and who suffers as a result of this concern.

No one wants to think that they could be taken advantage of by users of online dating sites, and yet thousands of people are every year. Online dating is a popular way for internet users to create and develop relationships online through dating websites such as and who offer ideal matches based on the individual’s postal code, gender, race, age and hobbies. Online dating sites also encourage users to add photos of themselves to increase the chances of views and responses on their profile. The anonymity, flexibility and accessibility of online dating appeals to all types of users and, as a result, is the fourth largest industry on the internet generating million dollar profits (Rege, 2009). However, not everyone who joins online dating websites are looking for love, the dating industry is riddled with scammers, cheaters and sexual predators. The 2007 report from the Crime Complaint Centre found that dating fraud was “one most commonly reported complaints in...
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