Schools as Organisations, Supporting Teaching Level 3 Qfc Diploma

Topics: School types, School, High school Pages: 4 (1029 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Schools as Organisations
Julia Roberts

1.1 Early years foundation stage

a) The Childcare Act 2006 covers provision of EYFS in the UK.

b) Children can be taught under the EYFS by nurseries, childminders and kindergartens aswell as Reception class.

c)For organisations to legally deliver EYFS they must register under the childcare act and they must follow Welfare and Learning and Development requirements in England.

1.2 State schools provide free education for children aged 5 to 16yrs, they are either wholly or partially funded by the Department of Education. Most state schools must follow the National Curriculum. Community schools, academies, foundation schools and grammar schools are the most common types of state school.

An example of a wholly funded state school in England and Wales is a community school. The LEA employs the staff, is responsible for school admissions and owns the school property.

An example of a partially funded state school is a voluntary aided school, 90% of funding is met by the DoE and the school foundation contributes the rest. The foundation also owns the land and buildings of the school. The governing body runs the school and employs the staff and decides on the admissions.

2.2 & 6.3

Physiotherapist – A healthcare professional who use manual therapy and exercise to maximise movement, promote good posture and general good health for people who are/have been unwell or in an accident. All the pupils in my class have regular visits from the physiotherapist who carries out individual programs for each of them. Speech and Language Therapist – works to enable people with speech, communication and language difficulties to communicate to the best of their ability. The speech and language therapist that works with the pupils assesses, monitors and writes individual programs for the pupils and staff to follow. She also writes feeding plans for the children as SLTs also work with eating and...
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