Sample Survey Patients Information System

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Interviewee: Ms. Evangeline V. Distajo
Interviewer:Princess Erica Eno
Mary Ann Angana
Leizyl Yasay
Ashley Gocila
Kenneth Russell Nipit
Hazel Tunay
Lorenz Matematico

Eno: When does the company started? Who is the founder/ owner of this company? Ms. Distajo: Our company just started last January 1st week of 2012 as branch located at Brgy. San Jan Taytay, Rizal. The founder and owner is Mrs. Arsenia A. Distajo. Eno: How many doctors and nurses are employed in this company? Ms. Distajo: We have four specialty doctors on call,and we have 3 nurses and 2 paramedical staff. Angana: In your own estimation, how many patients visit the clinic in a week? Ms. Distajo: We have more or less 90 patients per week.

Angana: What are the process done by the patients by the time they entered the clinic? Ms. Distajo: By the time they entered the clinic, the patients is asked initially what is the purpose and what test they wanted to be done. Yasay: What is the complete information you asked from the patients? Ms. Distajo: The patient had to feel up the forms given to them by the information where the names, address and test are stated. Yasay: How do you record the information you have got from the patients? Ms. Distajo: We have the patients entry logbook as the main record of patients name and tests. Gocila: Do you have a safe storage of patient records?

Ms. Distajo: Yes, we file and record the results in the logbook daily. Gocila: Who are the personnel that have the authority to access the files and records of your patients? Ms. Distajo: Only the staff of the Company have the access or authorized to open files. Nipit: How fo you retrieve the records from your regular patients? Ms. Distajo: We retrievethe records by manually scanning the files or records on the logbook. Nipit: What kind of system you are currently using? How does it work? Ms. Distajo: We have desktop type of our computer for encoding of laboratory results but we manually store all the...
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