Sample Failure of Telecommunications Contingency Plan

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SAMPLE 1 - Failure of Telecommunications Business Contingency Plan

Location:ABC Private Hospital (ABC) Pathology Lab Site

Plan ID:ABCH01

Plan Purpose:

To maintain essential pathology services to ABC Company P/L Hospital for the duration of the telecommunications failure.

Distribution List:

ABC Pathology Lab Manager at the ABC Hospital – phone: 07 3312 3456

HQ Business Continuity Manager – phone: 07 123 4567

Gold Coast Regional Pathology Lab Manager – phone: 07 5512 3456

Responsible Personnel:

The ABC Pathology Laboratory manager or delegate will be responsible for the laboratory’s ongoing operations.

A Practice Management Group Manager (PMG) or delegate will be responsible for implementation of this plan.

The computer room operator will be responsible for resolution of the telecommunications failure.

Reasons for failure:

Determine reasons for failure:

* Mainframe failure.
* PABX failure.
* Telephone exchange failure.
* ISDN failure and or PSTN failure.
* Fax lines fail.
* Physical disruption to telecommunication lines.
* Power failure, partial or complete.
* LAN connection to a Hospital – server and or server software.

Warning indicators:

* Decrease in number or no incoming phone calls
* Difficulty or inability to perform data entry
* Difficulty or inability to phone out
* Little or no report printout
* Modem disconnection in computer room
* Lights out
* Failed faxes are recorded and printed at Data Services * No online results in wards
Areas Affected:

Identify areas that are affected:

* Contact with the rest of the organisation.
* Contact with patients, doctors or wards.
* Data entry of patient demographics and entry of online results. * Reports from the mainframe.
* Faxed results.
* Online results to Hospital wards.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO):

1 hour

(The time up to which the system is monitored and after which the plan is implemented in order to prevent serious business impact)


Contact will be by any unaffected means of communication (e.g. Mobile phone, Public Phone, unaffected fax line).

Call for assistance and notify personnel


* Taringa switchboard operator

Taringa switch to notify:

* Practice Management Group (PMG) manager
* Computer operator


* Telecommunications carrier (Telstra)
* Directly affected clients (e.g. Hospital wards with results enquiry terminals and/or fax machines)

Resources for notification:

* Computer operator obtains “Escalation Plan for Telecommunications Failure”

Backup Resources:

Check and monitor the status of backup resources in priority order.

Recover backup resources if necessary in priority order.

* Mobile phones.
* Offline testing and manual result reporting materials. * Report delivery from redirected printers.
* Report printer ID list.

Initial Response

Determine the estimated duration of failure and compare with Recovery Time Objective

If estimated duration of outage is less than RTO, implement - Monitoring tasks

Monitoring tasks

Responsibility:ABC Lab Manager

* Establish a means of communication between ABC and Taringa by any unaffected means of communication: * Alternate Phone close location; Check all close phones for operation. Especially those with direct lines outside of PABX. * Mobile phone; notify PMG Manager of number and arrange a replacement phone and / or charger. * Check all Fax lines for operation; an analogue handset, if available, may be connected to this line for voice communication. Otherwise use fax. * Public phone; Communication by public phone is not desirable for ongoing use. A mobile phone should be arranged. * If necessary, a courier can be dispatched to...
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