Summary of "International Marketing - a Global Perspective"

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  • Published: October 20, 2011
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1 – Challenge of Globalization
International marketing spotlight : Red Bull
* Dietrich Mateschitz, inventor and 49% owner. 2003: will stay CEO at least 7 years more. He will focus on strategic issues, taking a global perspective on business. “Only 1 market: the world Global brand philosophy, global pricing, global media plans. But Austria don’t have a great number of global consumer brands (usually, export to Germany is already being a pioneer!)” * The Yoovidhya, a rich family in Thailand, 51% owner.

* 2003: Fleming Sundo, Danish, Chief operating officer at the headquarter in Austria. * 2007: loss of sales in Germany because of a deposit system, but the US, UK and Southeast Asian markets helped boost sales. What are the challenges of globalization to management?

Globalization of trade
Historical development
World trade started with barter between neighboring communities, but the result is the same: Provide customers with more and different goods at lower prices. OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development): * 30 Members, representing only 20% of the world population, but more than 2/3 of total world production, and up to 4/5 of aid to industrially developing countries. (It has a global reach thanks to active relationships with other countries) * Planning, coordination and deepening of economic cooperation and development. * Active in all economically and socially relevant sectors. Growth of the global economy:

1. Growing for 200 years, then 300 years stagnation
2. 1820: Asia was the most important region in the world in terms of production. 70% of the world’s population produced 58% of the world’s total goods. 3. With growing industrialization Europe took the lead. In Asia, traditions and bureaucracy impeded the economic and social changes needed. 4. WW: Industrial dominance by the US.

5. Today: East and Southeast Asia are the most economically dynamic region again. Europe is in danger of a setback...
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