Hcr220 Week One Steps in the Billing Process

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  • Published : January 28, 2011
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HCR 220 Week One Assignment: Steps in the Medical Billing Process

Week One Assignment: Steps in the Medical Billing Process
In order to complete your duties as a medical biller efficiently; you must follow the medical billing process. Following this process leads to maximum and appropriate payments in a timely fashion. There are a total of ten steps you should follow; which include: 1. Pre-Register Patients – In this step; patient appointments need to be scheduled and kept updated (Valerius, Bayes, Newby, & Seggern, 2008). Demographic knowledge should be collected; and basic insurance information should be put in the patient record, as well (Valerius et al.). Reminder calls should be made so that appointments are not missed. Once patient comes in for appointment; a copy of the insurance card, front and back, should be put in the record, also (Valerius et al., 2008). 2. Establish Financial Responsibility – When a patient has insurance; the health plan coverage should be reviewed and eligibility needs to be verified (Valerius, Bayes, Newby, & Seggern, 2008). It should also be determined whether or not there is more than one insurance company. If that is the case, the first payer should be determined. Check to verify that all conditions for payment have been met and the correct steps followed to assure payment for service (Valerius et al.). 3. Check In Patients – If the patient is new to the practice; complete and detailed demographic and medical information should be collected (Valerius, Bayes, Newby, & Seggern, 2008). Returning patient’s information should be reviewed, verified, and updated if necessary (Valerius et al.). Identification and Insurance cards should be copied, both front and back, and placed in patient chart. Any co-payment due for office visits should be collected (Valerius et al.). 4. Check Out Patients – After the patient has been seen by the provider; treatments and procedures are recorded in the patient chart...
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