Hcr 230 Final Project

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Financial Policy
Here in Dr. Childs’ office, we have specific rules and regulations included in our financial policy. We are happy to have you as a patient, and look forward to proving all of your health care needs. This office values having a communicable relationship with our patients. We would like to provide you with our financial policies, so there is a clear understanding of the policies. If there are any questions regarding this office’s policies, please feel free to ask any questions. Updating Information:

It is important that the office is provided with the most current patient information. The patient is responsible for updating any information such as insurance, name change, address, phone number, or next of kin. (Lexington, 2006) Our Insurance Policies:

Here at Dr. Childs’ we accept almost all major medical insurance plans. We submit all claims to the insurance company for you. It is important that all insurance information is kept up to date, to avoid any denied claims. We will only submit a claim once; if the claim is not paid the patient is responsible for all charges in full. If there is any remaining balance, the patient will be billed for any charges left over. Any type of co-payment or deductible must be paid in full at the time of visit. We accept all major credit cards, money orders, or cash. We do not accept checks, sorry for any inconvenience. The patient is responsible for knowing what is covered under his or her insurance. Not all insurance is the same, it is important to know your co-payments and deductibles. Patient is responsible for knowing all services covered. (Women’s Health Specialists, 2009). Submission of Claims:

Like stated before, we submit all claims to the insurance company. We strive to help our patients get the best out of their insurance. We only submit the claim to the most recent insurance provided, and we only submit the claim once. If the insurance company needs any additional information regarding the claim, it is the responsibility of the patient to provide any additional information. If the claim is not paid or there is a balance, the patient is still responsible for the charges of services rendered. (Performance Orthopedics, n.d.). Preauthorization of Claims and Referrals:

When there are instances of the insurance company asking for a referral or a preauthorization before any services are rendered. If the insurance company requires this, the patient is responsible for obtaining the preauthization or referral. In some cases, if you are not preapproved, the insurance company will pay less than the claim or nothing at all. If the insurance company does not cover the claim, the patient is still responsible for the charges of services rendered. (Bristol County Medical Center, n.d.). Self-payment or No insurance coverage:

If a patient has no insurance coverage, payment must be made in full on the day of services rendered. The billing department can assist you with how much the services will cost prior to the visit. In some cases, our billing department can set up a payment plan to pay for services. (Women’s Health Specialists, 2009.). Payment Arrangements or Agreements:

In some cases, our billing department may be able to work with you and set you up on a payment plan or payment arrangements. Our billing department is happy to help you take care of any debt owed to the office. Here at Dr. Child’s we use a sliding scale and your income level to determine what type of payment agreement can be made. The most important thing is to discuss any type of arrangement before services are rendered. It is the patient’s responsibility to get in touch with the billing department. Providing our patients with any type of payment plan is a courteousy to our patients. We want our patients to be in the best health, and will help them in any way we can. If payments are missed, our office has the right to provide a collection agency with the past due account. (NAPA Valley...
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