Steps in the Medical Billing Process

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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Steps in the Medical Billing Process
Nicole Scott
HCR/220 Version 3
January 13, 2013
Angela Colbert

The medical billing process and all of the functions that pertain to it are the responsibilities of the medical insurance specialist. It addresses all tasks that will be performed by the administrative staff members during the medical billing process. These functions are typically handled by front office staff members such as the receptionist (registration) and scheduling.

Here are ten steps that will be explained which are the responsibility of the medical the medical insurance specialist. Step 1: Preregister patients
* There are two main tasks that are involved when patients are at the preregistration period of their initial visit. These tasks include scheduling and bringing up to date any appointments that they may have. Step 2: Establish financial responsibility for visits

* This is a very important step because it involves the determining of who is financially responsible for the visit. It also is used to establish what services may be covered under the type of insurance they have, along with payment options plan options if any, and what types may be available to the patient. Step 3: Check in patients

* This step is used to check in patients, this is also the point at which new patients will provide information about themselves. A complete and detailed demographic review of their medical information will be collected at this time by the front desk. When returning patients arrive, they are asked to review the information and provide changes, if any. Step 4: Check out patients

* The check-out procedure follows when the patient is done and ready to leave, once the physician and has given the patient their diagnosis and other procedures are complete. This is also the step in the visit where all expenses of the visit are tallied and the patient is brought to awareness of the amount owed in their ledger. Step 5:...
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