Medical Tourism

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  • Published : August 10, 2010
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Market analysis
* 25% increase in market every year
* Product Life Cycle Stage: Nascent
* 150,000 US citizens seeked medical care outside their country * Customer Profile
* Patients from developed as well as under developed nations * No of usage occasions: Numerous
* Role of Government
* The role of Indian Government for success in medical tourism is two-fold: * Acting as a Regulator to institute a uniform grading and accreditation system for hospitals to build consumers’ trust. * Acting as a Facilitator for encouraging private investment in medical infrastructure and policymaking for improving medical tourism. * For facilitating investment the policy recommendations include: * Recognize healthcare as an infrastructure sector, and extend the benefits Micro

* Strong presence in advanced health care. Eg. Cardiovascular, Organ transplants-high success rate in operations. * Low cost
* US Rs. 250,000 for one operation as compared to Rs. 80,000 in India * Similarly in UK a knee surgery costs $ 16,950 as compared to $ 7,700 * Dental, eye and cosmetic surgeries cost 3-4 times as much as India * Features & benefits

* Help with procuring a medical visa;
* Booking travel to the country where the services will be provided; * Airport pick up and drop off;
* Consultation with appropriate specialists;
* Pre-operation accommodation;
* Booking into the hospital for the operation;
* Accommodation for post-operative recuperation;
* Arrangements for post-operative care in the foreign country; * Book travel home from the country where the services have been provided; * Arranging emergency insurance coverage for any unexpected serious adverse events arising from the surgery that means prolonged hospitalization and/or a medical flight back to the U.S.;

Industry Analysis

Swot Analysis
Quality and Range of Services.
India has number of hospitals...
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