Rn vs. Lpn

Topics: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse, Registered nurse Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: April 7, 2013
At first glance, some people who are not able to distinguish an registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, might mistake them as the same kind of nurse. Both manage medications, change dressings or insert catheters. Registered Nurses and License Practical Nurses may both work in a hospital, clinic or doctors’ office. Whereas they defer in their scope of practice, nursing process, care plan, critical thinking, and responsibilities . Registered Nurses are independent in many areas, while License Practical Nurses must work under the supervision of an Registered Nurse or physician and cannot practice independently. Can us, who are not aware of the duties and responsiblitlities of an RN and LPN be able to tell the difference? License Practical Nurses provide basic medical care, some of their duties are identical to an Registered Nurse. For instance they both might take a patient's blood pressure, bathe a patient, change a dressing or insert a catheter. In some situations the LPN must contact an RN to make changes to the health care plan or treatment. As the supervising professional, the RN can delegate tasks to the LPN that are within his or her scope practice; License Practical Nurses cannot delegate to or supervise an Registered Nurse. Scope of practice defines the specific tasks a nurse is allowed to peform in a given state. Each state has a board of nursing ; some states put RN's and LPN's together, while others have them seperate. This board determines which tasks fall under the RN license and which can an LPN perform. The RN scope generally includes more complex and potentially dangerous tasks, such as titrating or adjusting a dose of medication based on a patient's ondition; invasive produres, such as inserting a central venous catheter; or giving intravenous chemotherapy. When a patient is first admitted for care, the initial assessment is performed by an RN in most cases. This assessment includes a thorough history, physcial exam and the collection of...
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