Sample of Justification of Location

Topics: Customer, Real estate, Projection Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: October 24, 2012
The Location
The location of the business will be instrumental to its success. Our operation will target the middle-income pizza customer seeking a low- moderately priced menu. Key customer considerations relative to our location include: high vehicle traffic flow, high visibility, convenient and reliable accessibility, safe surroundings, and plenty of parking. Such locations are usually priced in the mid-range of the real estate market. We also considered a number of other factors including: total rent, competition, neighbourhood stability, appearance of the building, proximity to customers, police and fire protection availability, taxes, political climate, noise environment, our initial and future space needs, accessibility to labour pool, any pending rezoning issues, planned or existing road construction, and satisfaction of current area business owners. Business Name has a prospective location at Address

Our location satisfies our key customer needs of: high vehicle traffic flow near Northtowne Shopping Center, high visibility from El Rancho Drive going to and from housing developments, convenient and reliable accessibility, safe surroundings, and lots of parking. The location’s traffic count is approximately 150,000 Average Daily Traffic count. The business is served by Cross Streets, and is very close to the US-395 on/off ramp. This location can be accessed by two entrances, one entrance regulated by a street light on Cross Streets. An analysis of crime and traffic statistics satisfies the safety needs of our customers. The on-site parking can accommodate XX cars. In order to create a space that meets our standards, we will need to extend two non-loadbearing half walls to the ceiling, put up electric outdoor signage, replace the bar countertop, place tile over the existing floor in the front of the house, add under-bar lighting, and paint the walls to match our color scheme. Many of these repairs, specifically painting...
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