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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Associate Level Material
Appendix B

Roles and Behaviors

|Description of Company |My company is based in southwest Missouri providing our customers with a reliable, | | |sustainable power source for their homes and businesses. Thus allowing our customers| | |to spend money wisely and in return reinvest the savings in to making other parts of| | |their lives run more smoothly. The company is the first of its kind taking the | | |hydroelectric concepts of large power plants and bringing them into the home and | | |business in a smaller more efficient size. | | | |

| Roles and Behaviors | |Entrepreneurs | | | |Ensuring that all functions of the business are being ran to the best of company’s | | |abilities Empowering all that work for the company to help to streamline all | | |policies and procedures to help the company to meet and exceed all quarterly | | |objectives and to maximize profits. | |Managers |Overseeing the day to day operations, ensuring that company assets are used to the | | |best...
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