Com150 Appendix B

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Appendix B
Web Source Evaluation
1.     What is your expository essay topic? Cosmetic Surgery
2.     Provide the URL of the Web site:
3.     Provide the name of Web site: Smart Plastic Surgery
4.     Primary use: Educational
5.     What is the purpose or goal of this Web site? This website gives you basic information on plastic surgery that you plan on having done.
6.     What organization or individual created this site? The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
7.     Does this organization or individual have affiliations that might create a built-in bias toward the information? Explain your answer.
Yes this organization has other affiliations. The other affiliation is Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are verified by the American Board of Medical Specialists.
What other references are cited for the information presented? The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)
8.     What other types of organizations are linked to this site? (Using the Google search engine, type link: and the Web site address [for example, link:].)

9.     Who is the author of the page? Does that person have valid credentials to present this information? Explain your answer.
Morello, D.C., Colon, G.A., Fredricks, S., and Iverson, R. Yes they have valid credentials which one is Patient Safety is Accredited office Surgical Facilities

10.  Can you provide feedback on the Web site and create an exchange with the author or Web site manager?
Yes you can offer feedback on this website and create an exchange with the website Manager.
11.  When was the material on the Web site copyrighted? 2002 to 2010 When...
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