Bus 210 Appendix B

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Appendix B

Roles and Behaviors

|Description of Company |The company I would like to bring to light is JSQ. This is a locally family owned | | |establishment. The establishment is known for its food as well as the wine. Here at | | |JSQ our wine is something we take pride in. Our main focus with our wine is the | | |sensational taste it brings by using the best local ingredients. What better than to| | |have great wine and some food that goes with it? Here at JSQ we’re all about our | | |customers, as well as our products. | | | |

| Roles and Behaviors | |Entrepreneurs |An entrepreneur in the food industry is the individual that sees future potential in| | |the restaurant business. This is the person who starts the business from the ground | | |up with their ideas, this helps to lay the foundation. I have noticed from | | |experience that when it comes to starting any business you have to know what | | |direction you want to take the company in. There are many components that an | | |entrepreneur should possess so that they may run a successful establishment. Some | | |of...
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