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Topics: Requirements analysis, Application software, Cost Pages: 5 (1065 words) Published: October 1, 2010

1. Purpose of the report

This document will provide an overall clear description about the web based Student Information System which we are planning to develop for the University of Colombo School Of Computing. A brief introduction about each of the candidate system solutions that were identified during the feasibility analysis stage are also mentioned in this report which will further substantiate the reason for selecting the web based system as the best solution.

2. Scope of the project
The web based Student Information System can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks based on Students’ Information. The system will maintain the student information up-to-date in a secure manner and data can be extracted for authorized consumption. The system will facilitate students by allowing them to submit renewal registration forms and exam applications via personal logins. System will also produce dynamic reports based on user requirements. (Picture showing main groups of users of the system.)

System Overview
This section provides an overview of the major business functionalities of the student information system.

1. Keep track of student information
* Store and maintain student personal details
* Student information which are required by other existing systems of UCSC such as library system and UOC Medical centre will be provided

2. Scheduling
* Store data related to courses and examinations.
* Allow course requests to be entered via online for an individual student or in mass for multiple students.

3. Grade Processing
* System will get the students grades as an input from the examination branch and these grades will be used by the system to calculate student grade point averages (GPA) .

4. Assessment
* Provide ability to analyze the grades of students statistically

Since the proposed solution is a web based solution, Security and control are provided through definable role-based access rights.

Provide a query tool for dynamic report requests.

As the system deals with courses and examinations whose structures are likely to be changed the system will be designed to ensures flexibility to accommodate growing user base.

Tools and techniques used
1. Software architecture overview
2. Hardware overview

Cost-Benefit Analysis
1. Benefits

* Due to the automation of the system cost of materials including papers will be reduced. * Reduce human errors and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process ,which will save time. * Because the system will require only few number of labours to enter data labour cost will be reduced. * Data redundancy and inconsistency will be reduced.

* 24 hours services will be provided for system users.
* System will generate reports based on timely information that will assist management & staff in decision making process. * Due to the automation of most of the manual processes ,employee motivation will be improved. 2. Costs

* Hardware cost

* System maintenance(operational cost)
Hardware maintenance
Software maintenance

* Personnel Costs
Operational staff cost
Maintenance staff cost

* Network connectivity
Switch ports, additional firewall support

* Space and furniture
Space and furniture needed for implementation team and users

* Training
Costs to train staff software and operational processes.

Cost category| Cost|
Hardware| |
Desktop computers| |
Hardware maintenance| |
Software maintenance| |
Network connectivity| |
Space and furniture| |
Training | |

Total Development Costs:
Information System Requirements
1. Functional requirements

* Student registration process should be automated and all the student...
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