Executive Summary

Topics: Backup, Reliability, Accuracy and precision Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Executive Summary

Since the technology continues to advance and innovates at a rapid rate, it is beneficial for us to take advantage of what an electronic device could offer to us. The most efficient and reliable products of technologies continues growth is a website. A website can helps us simplify our workloads and task, it increase the accuracy, reliability and speed of a worker. It can help answer one of the major problems face by an institution which is monitoring and record keeping of data. Kalalake National High School Student Counseling-Records and Monitoring, is a website which performs different task that helps the user do his task more efficiently. It has different functions, some major functions is Record keeping, that allows the user to View, Insert, Update, and Delete students information, it filters student’s data that are being inserted, it helps user traverse stored data with the use of built in Live Search, it can create backups of database automatically and manually and save it to a removable disk to minimize data loss, it can update multiple student status with the use of CSV files, it can save images of the students, and generate different pdf (portable document format) reports based on what the users need.

After lots of testing, the proponent conclude that the new website will be a productive and accurate one in terms of its specified task, it can store data of all students enrolled in the institution, manage its data with accuracy, fetch and filter information with speed and provide different information precisely. It can also generate reports with the use of fpdf and save it to a portable document format that has options to download and print. The backup function is fully functional and can perform its task with reliability.
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