Students Grade Inquiry System

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Chapter 1

Background of the Study

Nothing optimizes modern life better than computer, for better or worse computers have infiltrated every aspect of our society. Anyone who wants to succeed in today’s world cannot afford to ignore computers and communication technology. The emerge of digital computers have entered most field of human activity that society has become more dependent and most could not survive without them (Weiss, 2004:3). Individual, industry and institution both recognizes the value of computer as a tool for managing data or information effectively and efficiently. This results to a system with well-integrated processes that can perform much faster and more accurate than manual system. Samar State University (SSU) is an educational institution that offers advance degrees. At present, SSU has seven colleges and secondary school department. It is a school in Catbalogan City with numerous number of students in which computerized operations is real important for fast and easy transactions especially on enrollment process. Developing a new system would provide advance instruction for student in managing student-related service within the institutions or university. This is anchored with the government thrust as reflected in the E-commerce Act which requires government institutions including colleges and universities to implement IT plan and program in order to facilitate better, more efficient and effective service. In compliance with this mandate, SSU continuously develops computer-based system on every school related operation. There are instances during enrollment days where old students are required to get their grades printed on the school’s internet café, the HUB, and pay for an amount. The student has to write their names and the amount paid on a piece of paper as a record of the HUB facilitator. Problems may arise during peak season in which every student has to wait much due to the large number of students coming with the same purpose. Another existing problem is that the data is not securely handled due to the manual process of recording relevant information such as the name of the student and the amount of money collected. To work out with these problems, the researchers will develop a system that will help the SSU internet café facilitator in keeping accurate and reliable records of each printing transaction. It will also manage to help them to provide a fast and hasty service to the students in order prevent much time of waiting for printing of grades. Students will also be benefited by the system as they are able to view their grades anytime they wished to at the SSU internet café and their enrollment process on getting grades will be faster because of the system that automatically print out their grades after dropping a five peso coin on the machine’s coin acceptor. Grade inquiry and printing system is an interactive computer terminal featuring hardware and a software design that is capable of recording transactions, printing of grades and accepting money through coin acceptor. This technology performs easy-service transaction particularly on printing of grades and record keeping. It will use a coin acceptor in order to compile the money and the money dropped in the coin acceptor will be automatically recorded in the database of the system. The database will be able to record the specific information such as time, name of students and total amount of money inserted in the coin acceptor by the students. The system is also expected to provide an account for the facilitator which makes them capable of viewing and printing the summary of report generated by the program. In addition, the Grade Inquiry and Printing System will lessen the anxieties of students and internet café facilitator especially during enrollment season. Such system will be developed to make task of SSU internet café facilitator easier and faster through effortless way of printing student’s grade, organized...
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