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Customer Switching Behavior in the City Bank Ltd, Bangladesh

A proposal
Submitted in partial fulfillment
Of the requirements for the degree of
Master of Business Administration

Independent University, Bangladesh


Research Proposal


Business Research Method



Dr. Nadim Zahangir




|Name |ID | |Md. Tashrique Shahab |1015004 | |Md. Abdul Al Amin Khan |1015017 | | | |

Department Of Business Administration

Independent University Bangldesh.

Date: 3rd November’ 2010
Dr. Nadim Jahangir
Department of Business Administration
Independent University Bangladesh,
Subject: Submission of Term paper.

It’s our great pleasure to submit the Research Proposal. A study was making on a company that you have asked us to prepare and we select “The City Bank Ltd” to study. We have tried our best to follow the instruction that was given by you. Throughout this study we tried to identify weather some variable like deficient service quality, low organizational commitment to customers, unfair price, and anger incident effect customer switching behavior in City Bank Ltd. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this proposal as we enjoyed while writing it. If you need any further clarification or quarry in interpreting this analysis, we will be glad to oblige you.

Thank you,

|Name |ID | |Md. Tashrique Shahab |1015004 | |Md. Abdul Al Amin Khan |1015017 | | | |

1. Abstract:

Purpose–This study seeks to identify the types of incidents which cause customers to switch between banks, the weighting of each incident on the switching decision, whether single or multiple incidents influence switching decisions.

Design/methodology/approach – An empirical study has been carried out in the case of customers of The City Bank Ltd.

Findings–The key findings show that bank switching is strongly influenced by four types of incident: Deficient service quality, low organizational commitment, unfair price and anger incident.

2. Introduction:

In a country’s economic development the banking industry plays a significant role. Building long-term relationships with customers has become a critical strategy for most financial institutions in today’s competitive financial markets. Banks must develop long-term relationships with their customers in order to survive in the competitive retail banking environment. A bank’s profitability is closely associated with customer loyalty and retention. Banks want a zero customer defection rate of profitable customers to reduce churn rate and minimize acquisition costs of new customer. Deregulation and the emergence of new technology in the financial service industry have also impacted on the behavior of customer of financial services. Customers now have the ability to purchase nearly identical financial products provided by retail banks, and subsequently, consumers are also more prone to changing their banking preferences. Therefore,...
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