Research Proposal

Topics: Sample size, Scientific method, Sample Pages: 7 (2398 words) Published: August 13, 2012
Research Proposal
Tony Franco, Anita Badejo, Annie Petroian Malhami,
Brenda Baillargeon, Christina Hyett, Kenneth Haynes
June 11, 2012
Dr. James Gartside
University of Phoenix

Research Proposal
In recent years, the amount of media coverage surrounding assisted suicide, or euthanasia, has increased. The term evokes a multitude of emotive responses. The Royal College of Nursing completed research on the issue of euthanasia initiating change in their policy of opposition to euthanasia (Robinson, Greenwood, 2009). This particular study received criticism based on the small sample size used for the study. Research is an organized inquiry carried out to provide information for solving problems. Solid research generates dependable data derived by professionally conducted practices and that can be used reliably for decision making (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). Our group seeks to address the research question, hypothesis, variables, and ethical issues along with discussing the significance and magnitude of finding some logical solution to the issue called “Euthanasia.” Assisted suicide gives the health care provider the option of avoiding care giving during a time of little demand for euthanasia services. Research Question

Comprehending the term “euthanasia” in the medical world is vital because its controversy always develop suspicious questions. Euthanasia is defined as the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable, painful disease or an irreversible coma. At times families and doctors have a pivotal role when a dying patient is in a situation in which nothing more can be done. Some research questions can establish certainty about the patient choices, but this presents a difficult situation because many times the patient cannot make such a drastic decision to end his or her life. This decision can be extremely painful for the family to make, but if the help is provided by medical staff and nothing can be done, the patient should not have to endure pain. Another research question: if euthanasia is already happening in United States, would it be better to legalize it? If euthanasia is carried out against the law, this shows that the law is incapable of controlling euthanasia (Colantuoni, 2012). Legalizing euthanasia will not fix this problem (Colantuoni, 2012). Objective

Euthanasia. Is it legal? Can anyone do it or only professionals? These are questions that have to be asked. The idea of assisted death has been debated in the health care field for years with doctors, nurses, and the public all possessing their own opinions of what is right. In some countries and states it is legal to aid in the death of someone. The question about it being right for a health care professional to help someone take his or her own life or is it murder, is commonly asked. Many believe that it is without doubt wrong to kill for any reason. When an animal is severely injured we euthanize it, why not a terminally ill human? Is it humane to leave someone lying in pain or should we do whatever is in our power to help him or her? The question has been asked, at what point does helping turn into murder? Nurses have a pivotal role in caring for terminally ill patients and sometimes are involved with euthanasia practices. However, their attitudes about it may not always be acknowledged or considered. The hypothesis is that nurses have different levels of attitudes toward assisted suicide possibly related to religious or demographic orientation, and work-characteristics. In our research of nurses and euthanasia independent and dependent variables were considered. Variables

Independent variables considered depends on the situation presented such as pain and suffering, fears of burdening others, comatose patients, family objecting to a loved one being taken off a respirator. These variables change and are different for everyone. A dependent variable in our study is active nurses in the medical field. Nurses are...
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