Research Proposal

Topics: Scientific method, Police, Crime Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Research Proposal, Part 1
Team A
February 18, 2013
Susan Wind

Research Proposal

The issue Team A will be examining is the education of officers, why they decided on that career choice, what motivated them and what was needed to fulfill that goal. The significance of this issue is to develop an idea of what is needed of an individual to become an officer. In general terms the proposed study is the psychology that lies behind the mindset of a career in law enforcement. When understanding the theory behind a career in law enforcement a prediction in direction of future events can help develop, organize, and explain the pragmatic angles inside the criminal justice system. Each angle can support and aim at developing the needed funding to support the training and opportunities individuals seek out to obtain their career in law enforcement. Scientific knowledge behind the paradigm structure of why and how may bring a different theoretical and methodological idea of the criminology career. Funding for careers come from the physical, social, and development of research and can improve on the quality and direction of an individual. In theory that quality of development may need to focus on problems that may arise, such as the demand in small communities compared to larger ones, is there funding and scholarships for minorities and females within each area and what motivates woman in the direction of law enforcement. Issues on the background of problems stem from education, funding, and sponsorship, in law enforcement unavailable in certain areas and are their need for the same education in small towns. Research questions would be based on why that choice, what motivated the individual, what direction of education was needed and did those choices fulfill the goal that person had set to fulfill. This proposed study will help to aid in financial funding, physical, and social development of education and background issues...
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