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MNG00415: Tourism and Hospitality Research and Analysis

Background In the events industry, it compromise of the collaboration between the event planners and clients who engaged the event company to run the event for them. It compiles of many different types of events such as corporate, exhibitions and company parties events. For each individual event has their very own specific target guest/audience. With each specific targeted guest comes with different objectives, needs and wants. Guest attending will look in all aspect of the event in terms of the location where it refers to the easy accessibility in getting to the event’s venue, ambience refers to the feel and vibe that exudes throughout the event which will be experienced by the guest and the list goes on. In other words, what is the guests’ sole purpose in attending the event as each event will then be customized to suit the guests’ expectations. Hence by knowing this, then only the guest expectations will be met and therefore guest satisfaction will be achieved. Significance By knowing the guests’ purpose and objective of the event, it is then the event planner has to do a measurement of the guest satisfaction after attending the event. Measurement of guest satisfaction will be consolidated to be formed as a post event evaluation report. With reference (Robinson, Wale and Dickson, 2010) clearly explains that satisfaction is the measurement to the level of fulfillment consumed by the guest themselves after attending the event. With the presence of this research proposal, at a management perspective when measurement of guest satisfaction is being done, they are able to evaluate to what are the real important factors that their guest will be looking forward to or pressed upon. Therefore, the

management could then reduce or minimize the impact of any repeated occurrence which is dislike by many about the event. With this measurement of guest satisfaction research proposal also could help the management level to focus on the major parts that trigger or looked forward the most by

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guest and develop further. In order to heightened the level of guest experiences in attending an event, guest satisfaction should always be monitored so as to produce a better event environment in terms of accessibility and effectiveness. Scope Geographic This research proposal will be looking into the corporate events based in Singapore. Guest satisfaction will be scoured throughout Singapore so as to get a faster and accurate information. Temporal Guest satisfaction surveys are best to be conducted right after the event as the guest will still have a fresh memory of the event that they have experienced. At this point of temporal time, accurate information could be collected and obtained better which it is able to influence as to how the guest felt about the event delivery. With reference to Masterman (2009) supports that post evaluation meetings and surveys which is to be done should be staged as soon as possible right after the event where memory would not be detracted from the process. Demographic With reference to Kent (1995), the demographic context refers to the breaking down of the specific focused group into smaller categories. This research proposal on guest satisfaction will be targeted on specific guest who attended the event from the higher management level, recreation committee members of whom are in charge in handling the coordination of the event and guest attended together with their family members if any. Problem Statement and Objectives The purpose of conducting this research proposal it is to find out what is the aim of having the event and whether the objectives have been met through the event. In addition, this is to help gauge in terms of percentage wise as to how much of the objectives has been covered on

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