Research Proposal

Topics: Tourism, Sampling, World Tourism Organization Pages: 9 (2157 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Research Methodology
Proposal on:
“Local tourist’s consciousness towards the tourism industry of Bangladesh”

Submitted by:

Haque Md. Rokibul11-94616-1

Hasan Md. Kamrul11-94434-1

Submitted to:
MR. Khorshed Ahmed Talukdar

Course instructor
Research Methodology
Section: F
Faculty of Business Administration

American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)

Date – 29th, February-2012

29th, February-2012
MR. Khorshed Ahmed Talukdar
Course Instructor, Research Methodology
Faculty of Business Administration
American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)

RE: Requesting permission to conduct a report to determine “Local tourist’s consciousness towards the tourism industry of Bangladesh”

Dear Sir,

We have the pleasure to acknowledge that Research Methodology has been found to be a very interesting course by all of us, with the benefit of being under your supervision. For part fulfillment of the requirements in your course, you have assigned us a report, through which we can have the practical experience of conducting research report, which will help us a lot in future. As per the requirement, we have chosen to conduct a report designed to verify, “Local tourist’s consciousness towards the tourism industry of Bangladesh”

We believe that choosing a topic such as this will help us learn a lot about Human Resource Management. We, hereby ask for your kind permission to work on this topic. We hope that our report will aid to make the concrete decision and live up to your expectations.

Sincerely Yours,


Haque Md. Rokibul

Hasan Md. Kamrul

Introduction of the study:
Tourism can be an important component of the economy of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has lots of tourism spots but most of them are unexplored by the local people, because of the inadequate information. Government and Parjatan Corporation both are not concern about this sector. So,accurate information, advertisement or any other promotional activities are not provided by the authority to attract local people. Transport, accommodation, cost and security are also important factor to the common people. To develop this sector the authority should take some steps to attract people such as they can provide information centers, they can arrange fair, can give TV advertisement also in the printing media. Nowadays internet advertisement is also available to attract people. Actually by attempting these steps government just cannot attract local people but also can earn huge revenue.

Problem Identification:
Bangladesh has huge potential to attract people visiting our country. Tourism is one of them. Many developing countries choose tourism industry as one of their earning source. In our country tourism industry is failed to attract the local people. The insufficient information centers, lack of advertisement and promotional activities make people disinterested from this industry. Apart from this cost and security is also a big factor. The less consciousness of Parjatan Corporation and government is very much responsible for it. This study would be focused on the tourism industry of Bangladesh and it will be a gateway to understand the various motivational and de-motivational aspects of tourism and help them to create a favorable tourist oriented environment and strategy. This research is conducted to identify the problems which local people face at the time of visiting different place.

Literature review:
Bangladesh is located conveniently on the east-west air-corridor making it a gateway to the Far East. It is endowed with resources and the potential for a tourism industry. In the south-east the country has a 120 Km long beach of soft silvery sand, perhaps the world's longest, in a Riviera-like setting with crescent-shaped low hills overlooking the Bay of Bengal.The ranges of the hills clad in lush green thickets are...
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