Report on Tourism of Bangladesh

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  • Published : April 10, 2012
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The Development of the
Tourism Industry of Bangladesh
over the last three years

Prepared for
Mr. Arafat Rahman
Course Instructor
BUS 104, 18th Batch
BBA Program
October 03, 2009
Prepared by
Muhammad Musfiqur Rahman
ID: 18b931
Group Section no.: 01

The Development of the Tourism Industry of Bangladesh over the last three years

Authorization Message
September 03, 2009

BUS 104 Students,
The purpose of this report is to familiarize students with the basic techniques and principles associated with writing a formal business report so that they can build and enhance this specific written business communication skill. This formal report will be coordinated with a formal presentation session or a viva-voce examination on the topic of the report. You are being asked to perform a detailed analysis of the assigned industry. At a minimum, your report should include information related to the following issues: * Introduction to Industry What is the industry? What is the background of the industry in Bangladesh? Who are the major participants in the industry? * Describe how the industry is contributing to the economic development of the country. In this case, you must use industry-related data for the past three years (at least). * In case of export-oriented industries, you must use export performance for the last three years (at least), or the latest available data. * Describe any known issues surrounding the industry that might be related to the topic of the report. * A conclusion summarizing the main points of the report. Use both commercial and academic resources. Use at least 8 references in your report from academic and industry-related sources. Out of these references, at least two must be from academic sources. Where appropriate, you should incorporate charts, graphs, or other visual aids to illustrate the facts you present in your report. Based on the above-mentioned details, you are authorized to prepare and submit the report on the selected issue. The submission date of the report is October 02; 09:30 AM sharp. Students must submit a soft copy of the respective report to the class representative on the same day.

Arafat Rahman
Course Instructor
BUS104, 18th Batch
BBA Program

Transmittal Message
October 03, 2009

Mr. Arafat Rahman
Course Instructor
BUS 104, 18th Batch
BBA Program
Jahangirnagar University

Dear Mr. Arafat Rahman:

Here is the report on ‘the Development of the Tourism Industry of Bangladesh over the last three years’ you asked on September 03, 2009.

You assigned the report for our group, section no. 01. You asked for preparing the report individually and so did I.

The report is made on the basis of study only. The study includes journals, magazines, newspapers and mainly Web pages in internet. I prepared it as far as I could make it better. I focused mainly on the economic aspects of the tourism industry. I also added some other descriptive passages as I thought would be relevant. I dared not to recommend anything from my own opinion rather just included it from literature review.

I appreciate your assigning report on this very interesting topic for me. I pray and hope that my report would not dishearten you from your expectation.

Respectfully yours,

Muhammad Musfiqur Rahman
ID: 18b931
BBA Program
Jahangirnagar University

Executive Summary Vii
Chapter 1: Introduction 1
1.0 Origin 2
2.1 Problem and Purpose2
2.2 Scope2
2.3 Background3
2.4 Methodology3
2.5 Report Preview4
2.6 Limitations4
Chapter 2: Report Body 5
2.0 Tourism 6
3.7 Tourism: Industry6
3.0 Bangladeshat a glance6
4.0 Bangladesh’s Tourism7
5.8 Beginning of Tourism Industry in Bangladesh8
5.9 Government Policy8
5.10 The Tourism Master Plan...
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