Tourism Development Planning

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Tourism Development Planning
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Introduction 03
Rationale for planning 04
Tourism Planning and Development 07
Need for planning for sustainable tourism development 08 Current issues related to Tourism development Planning 10 Conclusion 11
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Tourism has growth into one of the world’s major industries and has thus also become an increasingly important, if complex, issue for environment policy. Unless is developed in a sustainable manner, we will be unable to achieve key objectives of global environmental policy such as preservation of biological diversity. Tourism itself depends a lot on the existence of unspoilt nature and landscapes, as well as a healthy environment. If nature is messed up, landscapes are destroyed, water, energy and soil are over exploited, and the economic based tourism is also undermined.

* Rationale for planning in the travel and tourism industry

As an International consultant, I have been given an opportunity to develop a tourist resort of my dreams in a remote, undeveloped but inhabited island in the South Pacific. In my proposal for this project will show aspects of tourism development and planning. I have chose Vanuatu for my project destination resort. In my project, I am going to discuss about whole matters of tourism development starting with stakeholders.

Generally stakeholders are those people who hold stake for any business. According to (Gough & Duncan, 2008) sustainable tourism p.136, “Stakeholders are usually organisations or people who earn money from a business or have an interest in how well the business is run. The stakeholders in the tourism industry are the organisations that put effort into building the industry and making it run smoothly.”

Stakeholders in my chosen tourist destination- Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a least developed country because of its high economic and environmental vulnerabilities. It also has an economy highly dependent on the services sectors but exports of services have remained low and stagnant. The country continues to rely on primary agriculture products for foreign exchange. An offshore financial services sector was established as early as 1971 at Port Vila, which has attracted considerable foreign investment in part because of the expensive fiscal and legal incentives. However considering the increasing international competition to attract foreign investment in financial services, Vanuatu would need to be more proactive beyond incentives. Development of ICT infrastructure and human capital as well as international marketing are important to attract more investment, especially from Asia. The government has actively promoted the tourism in recent years and the contribution of tourism related activities to the economy is rapidly expanding. In terms of its geographic location and susceptibility to natural disasters, Vanuatu has a bad economy. But it relies heavily on official development assistance. The development of a sound services sector it requires strategic planning at the national level as well as international technical and financial assistance for building domestic capacity.

Type of stakeholders in tourism sector:
There are various types of stakeholders in tourism...
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