Recruitment and Diversity Enhances Customer

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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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Organisation Benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce: An increasing number of companies are realising the benefits of having a diverse workforce and as a result are incorporating equality and diversity objectives in their business strategies. Diversity is a widely-used concept which refers to visible and non–visible differences between individuals. There are six main strands of diversity: race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, and religion which are covered by UK legislation. Diversity also incorporates differences such as class, personality and working patterns What is meant by a diverse workforce?

Social diversity: Demographic diversity such as age, race ethics and gender Value Diversity: Psychological difference in personality and attitudes Information Diversity:
Benefits are:
* Diversity in employment promotes cost-effective employment relations: Employers have more choice from a greater skills base, improved employee satisfaction, reduced internal disputes, greater workplace harmony, improved retention and more effective and fairer promotion of talent

* Diversity enhances customer relations: matching internal employee diversity to population diversity can provide performance benefits, which enhance awareness of consumer needs

* Diversity enhances creativity, flexibility and innovation in organisations: the flexibility, creativity and ability to innovate are enhanced by the existence of dissimilar mind sets

* Diversity promotes sustainable development and business advantage: e.g. external recruitment of diverse top-team talent to inject new ideas and challenge the organisational mind sets and ways of doing things that can hinder change and organisational progress.

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Factors that affect an organisation approach to Recruitment and Selection


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Different recruitment and selection methods...
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