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Topics: Management, Culture, Decision making Pages: 7 (2235 words) Published: October 23, 2010
This paper is going to analyse in areas of accommodating cultural diversity in IBM and developing trust in the organisation. IBM is a head leader technology and services organisation working in 77 countries. The connection of the paper to IBM is just an outsider who made researches externally. The paper will be analysing what the expectation of organisation to be managed in those two areas based on literature review, then they are followed by how IBM actually managed. The differences between the theory and IBM’s management will be also explained. Finally, the recommendations will be made in each area. Accommodating cultural diversity in the workplace

The expectation the organisation to be managed based on the relevant theory Based on the practical implications, organisations needs to invest in diversity so that all employees can feel as a part of the corporate culture, not only will the investment be helpful for motivation but bottom line performance as well. Organisations should manage and invest in diversity through minority mentoring programs, diversity awareness training and establishing minority support networks. These initiatives are obviously visible to all employees. There is an excellent research stating that it is essential for organisations to not only focus on succeeding diversity in a statistically objective sense, but also to be sure to increase the perceptions of diversity within their workforce because this can carry the organisational performance to higher levels, as a result of these perceptions of diversity are critical in terms of influencing employee motivation and behaviours (Allen et al. 2008, p. 31). According to employees perceive a workforce to be diverse, this brings to an increase in performance in a relation to the ability to attract and retain the best talent available, reduced costs as lower turnover and fewer lawsuits, enhanced market understanding and marketing ability, greater creativity and innovations, better problem solving, greater organisational flexibility, better decision making and better overall performance (Allen et al. 2008, p. 24). In order to enhance more diverse workplace, the involvement of management in all aspects of the process is essential. Addressing myths, stereotypes and real culture differences contribution are objected to receive training for leaders, as they interfere with the full contribution of all employees (Aghazadeh 2004, p. 521). The actual management at IBM

According to the CEO Thomas J Watson who said ‘It is the policy of IBM to hire people who have the personality, talent and background necessary to fill a given job, regardless of race, colour or creed’. IBM has retained people with languages other than English as their first language. Those employees are critical to IBM’s ability to serve its international clients. There are three groups within IBM have identified roles in the implementation of the company’s overall diversity strategy. They are IBM’s diversity council, diversity contact officers and diversity champions. Diversity council is aimed to ensure that IBM support and values the contributions and differences of employees from various backgrounds, and also is to enhance employee awareness, increase management awareness and encourage the effective use of IBM’s diverse workforce. Diversity contact officer are regular permanent employees who are trained as work-life balance coaches and help to integrate people with disabilities into the IBM workforce. They include men and women from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, people with disabilities and different sexual preferences in order to reflect the diversity of the organisation. Diversity champions helps to raise awareness of the diversity program and establish cultural diversity as the norm within the company. Moreover, it is making sure that stakeholders outside the company know about the diverse culture within IBM directly supports recruitment efforts, forming commercial...
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