Workforce Diversity in Organizations

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About iGATE Global Solutions4

Family supportive Supervision4

Person Culture Fit in Diverse Organizations6

Vision of a multicultural Organization7

Diversity and Firm Performance9

Consequences of Discrimination due to Diversity10

Negative Effects of Diversity13

Positive Effects of Diversity14

Effecting change to develop diverse organizations15

Effecting inclusion using change agents16




Organizations around the world are today paying increased attention to diversity. The reason is globalisation. The benefits of employing people from around the globe and being associated with multicultural and multinational organizations is not hidden. Everyone wants to be a part of this growth and claim their share of the pie. Diversity is now widely regarded as vital for organizations to reach their valued goals.

Consistent with predictions, the workforce in the 21st century and beyond will be characterised by increased number of women, minorities, ethnic background, intergenerational workers and different lifestyles. Further, organizations have realized that the extent to which these demographic workforce changes are effectively and efficiently managed will affect organizational functioning and competitiveness. Hence, the management of diversity has become an important business imperative.

For most organizations, the road to multiculturalism and diversity is hard. Knowledge of how organizations change and evolve can help them travel towards this road with greater assurance of success. However, even harder is managing this multiethnic and diverse crowd which forms their organization. So the major issue is what can be done to obtain full benefits of the potential that this mixed workforce brings to the workplace, how to resolve the vast range of differences amongst them, how to evaluate employees by merit rather than on the basis of ethnic/gender/religious affiliations, and how to eliminate injustice and inequality. This paper aims to answer these and other questions and to try and develop an approach to retain a diverse workforce while ensuring a smooth organizational growth.

The diversity in Indian organizations is more complex because of the size of the country, the old culture, ingrained caste and religious beliefs and mistrust amongst the people which is promoted for political gains. Therefore to be able to run an organization with such a varied workforce is a challenge. The issues of preference to local people rather than on merit also garner political support. It is evident that to run an organization with these issues is not only pressing but also detrimental to organizational progress.

In this paper I intend to point out the issues in cultural and social diversity and intend to answer them taking into account iGATE Global Solutions, an IT firm based in Bangalore.

About iGATE Global Solutions

iGATE Global Solutions is based in Bangalore. Its head office is at Pittsburgh, while it has offices in other Indian cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Noida. It also has offices in Japan, US, UK and Singapore. The company deals in end to end software solutions, CRM, Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing, testing and consulting. The company has quickly made its mark as an Indian IT leading firm and is counted amongst industry leaders like Infosys, Wipro and TCS. Considering it started operations less than 10 years back, it is an appreciable feat.

The CEO of the company is Phaneesh Murthy, who...
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