Rationale of the Study

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Rationale of the Study

Nowadays, technology has the most important role in guiding and helping humans in doing their tasks. It also becomes part of their lives especially in terms of making their job easier or hassle free. But first, people need to understand the proper usage and purpose of any products of technology before using it. As time passes by, technology gets innovated even in a short period of time. It can help make the work faster in a company or business in processing their daily transactions. Just like in Loan Management System or Cooperative System business, a customer must be satisfied in any service that the company may offer.

A cooperative or often referred to as a co-op is a duly registered business organization owned and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit. People who are part of this can avail loans with little interest rates. Due to this number of advantages, many people have tried to set up cooperatives in their area to provide themselves with a cheaper goods and services. However, most of them, especially to the beginners, they still rely on the use of spreadsheets to store data required for the transaction of establishments to make the process very hard and tiresome.

The transaction include storing information of a new member, holds deposits, process withdrawals, makes loans and provides other financial services to cooperatives and member- owned organizations. Cooperatives will usually gain new members especially because it is located in school with a large population of teachers, students, staff and others. So they need a very large database for accepting new members. Accessing these records through spreadsheets is very tiresome and inconvenient.

The group’s aim is to develop a system that would help the cooperative in giving them an easier way of processing their transaction, easy access data through massive data entries which...
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