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  • Published: July 19, 2013
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Web based Barangay Accounting Information System
(Phase I – Document Tracking System & Barangay Web Information System)

Project Description

The system is designed to allow Barangay Officials and Officers to view, create and manage transactions and facilitate inquiries on the status and details as such. The system intuitive user inquiry interface and interactive filtering features will trim the gap between automated and manual computing. These filtering mechanisms have been critically deviced to cater the basic requirements of the user as far as inquiry is concerned.

This software system is divided into two phases, first phase will be the Web based Barangay Accounting Information System with document tracking features and second is a desktop Government Accounting System for the Barangay Accounting Division staff for journal entry and generation of financial statements and other required reports. This system will be designed to maximize the level of productivity and accuracy of personnel in-charge through the embedded electronic mechanisms that assist in the tracking of documents from Barangay level up to the Barangay Accounting Division or vice versa. In addition, constituents of the barangay or even the public in general regardless of their geographical location can make use of the system through its intuitive user interface which is published through our public website or thru the portal of the City Government of Davao.


The ultimate goal of the project is to provide a tool for users that embed an intuitive user interface, uncompromised accessibility and fully secured database that would foster accuracy, timeliness, efficiency and promotes transparency on barangay transactions.

System Features

➢ Barangay Document Tracking (First Phase)
✓ Facilitates the online encoding, verification, and real time transition of the state of transactions within the required process flow...
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