Introduction to Hotel System Dbms

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The study focuses on generating a system to be use by Riceland Inn 2. The Riceland Inn 2 Management System software was developed to become a useful equipment to help the Riceland Inn to gather, store and manipulate data. It also provides effective protection from unauthorized access.

This study centers on a system that built explicitly for the use in Riceland Inn 2 Management. This system may provide different functionality as long as it will be done under the consent of the researchers. As this project is being developed it is designed with the fundamentals and ethics of Information Technology. It is specifically designed to integrate the information data within the institution. The project presents the gateway to ameliorate the present system being utilized by the said firm.

The system is concerned to improve the access of recording employee and customer information, payrolls, facility reservations, attendance and bills with the accurate automated system. This system also provides security and protection against unauthorized access preventing the obstruction of system operations.

Background of the Study
Situated within a stone's throw from the business district in the heart of Calapan City, this unassuming inn has been a family run operation for over 25 years. It is located in a safe, quiet residential neighborhood and within a convenient walking distance from offices, banks, groceries, department stores, restaurants, internet café, telecommunication centers, market, hospital, police station & church.

Designed for the thrifty traveler, it is one of the city’s most economical stays where one can still enjoy the amenities to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. They have reasonable room rates for most any budget. Every room has a private bathroom. Standard rooms are twins or a double. Several rooms in the deluxe category are spacious rooms with a double bed and a twin that can accommodate more than two if necessary. Garden tables and chairs provide al fresco dining, snacking or relaxing in front of the rooms in one wing of the inn.

All the task and processes undergoing in the inn are manually executed. The calculation of bills and payrolls are accomplished by using a calculator. The total bill is determined by summing up all the prices of the facilities and acquired services. These services are based on their flat rate pricing. The attendance also affects the employee’s payroll. A desk employee is assigned to check the attendance of the employee by writing down on a log book whether an employee is absent or late and their time of arrival. Finally at the end of the month the employees’ records are reviewed and the their payroll is determined by subtracting their total deduction derived from the number of times they are late and/or absent from the combined amount of their base salary and their accumulated commissions. All these processes are done by using a calculator and writing it down in a log book.

We intend to improve their current system by automating the way of viewing and recording the attendance and other information as well as the computations of bills and payrolls.


By the end of this research, the developers do not intend to change the very management of Riceland Inn 2. We intend to improve their current system by automating the way of viewing and recording the attendance and other information as well as the computations of bills and payrolls. And through this is the convenience in work for all Riceland Inn staffs and employee.

Significance of the Study

To the users:
The system will provide the employees convenience by reducing the employees’ amount of work through the automation of their tasks.
The Inn will be less tolerant to absences and late arrivals of employees. The Inn’s production can be increased because of the extra time and effort the employees will conserve.

To the future researchers:
This study...
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