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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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We are three students pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. You are kindly asked to complete this survey in order for us to gather information for an audit on Consumer Behaviour pertaining to the KFC located at the corner of Park Street and Frederick Street. It will take approximately 5-7 minutes to complete. The survey is anonymous and participation is voluntary. Please circle your answer.

1. Gender: Male Female

2. Age: 19 & under 20-29 30-39 40+

3. Ethnicity: African Descent European Descent Mixed Descent Chinese Descent East Indian Descent
Other (please state) ___________________

4. Which one are you?
Meat-eaterPescatarian VegetarianVegan

5. How often do you visit this particular KFC?
Every 2 daysOnce a monthOnce a weekOther (please state) _________

6. How did you discover this KFC?
Friends/Family/Co-workersMedia (Internet, Newspapers etc.) Other (please state) ________________

7. With whom do you visit KFC?
AloneFriendsColleaguesFamilyOther (please state) _________

8. How many individuals accompany you when visiting KFC?

9. How familiar are you with KFC’S menu?
Not FamiliarFairly FamiliarVery Familiar

10. What makes you choose KFC over the other food outlets?
Personal PreferenceFood ServicePeer InfluenceLocation Food QualityPriceOther (please state) ________________

11. Who do you view as KFC’S biggest competitor at that location? SubwayOceans Chinese RestaurantGrill KingTrini Fried Chicken Other (please state) ________________

12. When you think of KFC, what comes to mind?
Colonel SandersFried ChickenSide OrdersFamily Meals
Other (please state) ___________________

13. How would you rate KFC’S atmosphere?
Poor Fair AverageGood Very Good Excellent

14. How do you view KFC’S prices?...
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