Critique of a Survey

Topics: Question, Answer, Sentence Pages: 4 (1234 words) Published: November 22, 2011
Critique of a Survey

Starting with the introduction of the survey they seemed to be too specific in their intro of what was going to be in the survey by describing each type of question that would be presented throughout the survey. I feel like this information isn’t necessary and over excessive in an introduction. That part of the introduction should be taken out and instead maybe include something along the lines of “Please read every question carefully and thank you for participating” or something along those lines.

Regarding the question before the first question I feel like this makes answering the first question confusing because it makes it seem like I should be answering that question even though it is just a set up for the next questions. I think this question should be turned into a statement in some form because I think it would made the questions following it more clear and less confusing about whether one would have to answer that question.

Concerning the first question I think the Y/N should be changed into Yes or No to make it completely clear to everyone who is taking this survey and they know exactly what they are talking about when they say Y/N. I noticed almost all their Yes or No questions are written like that so they should change all of them to Yes or No. For questions 2 and 3 I think the interval scale should be more spread apart between each number and a space between each number instead of a dash so it’s a very clear distinction between each number. Also, another very important part to intervals is making sure it is each end of the scale is defined, for example in their second question it says “How interested are you in attending graduate school?” so for their interval it should say that what zero equals and what five equals like zero equals not interested and five equals very interested.

For the question that starts the next section of questions I feel like again it should be stated as a statement instead of a question because...
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