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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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1. Gender:
a. Male
b. Female

2. Age:
c. 18-25
d. 26-35
e. 36-45
f. 46-55

3. Ethnic group:
g. Malay
h. Chinese
i. India
j. Others, please specify: ___________________

4. Occupation:
k. Student
l. Self-employment
m. Professional
n. Others, please specify: ___________________

5. Did you heard of “GSC.com.my” before?
o. Yes
p. No

6. Did you ever visit “GSC.com.my” before?
q. Yes
r. No

7. How frequent do you visit “GSC.com.my”?
s. Once in a week
t. Once in a month
u. Twice in a month
v. More than twice in a month
w. Never

8. Are you a member of “GSC.com.my”?
x. Yes
y. No

9. Is “GSC.com.my” a user-friendly website (easy to use)? z. Yes
{. No

10. What do you do when you visit “GSC.com.my”?
|. Check for showing time for the movie
}. Check for the availability of the movie
~. Check for promotion
. Online purchasing movie’s ticket
. Participate in the contest

11. Did you ever purchase movie’s ticket on “GSC.com.my” before? . Yes
. No

12. Do you prefer GSC to allow refund for tickets that purchased online? . Yes
. No

13. Is “GSC.com.my” working every time you visit it?
. Yes
. No

14. Are you happy to participate in the contest in “GSC.com.my”? . Yes
. No

15. Did you ever provide feedback in “GSC.com.my”?
. Yes
. No

16. Did you ever having problems on finding the location of the branches of GSC? . Yes
. No

17. Is the FAQ session in “GSC.com.my” helpful?
. Yes
. No

18. Do you prefer “GSC.com.my” to provide more display language option? . Yes
. No

1. Did you ever have an unpleasant experience while using...
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