Topics: Human resource management, Employment, Job interview Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: April 12, 2013

1) Tell us about your Bank?
2) Tell us about your bank’s HR structure?
3) Can you define us the role of HR department of Al-Baraka Bank in detail. 4) What about the recruitment process in your bank? Is it internal or external or both? 5) How does your bank conduct selection interview?

6) Is your medical test a basic one or you go in slightest detail of the employee? 7) How strong is your Verification and Evaluation department? 8) How much do you advertise for vacancies available internally or externally? 9) Who takes the final hiring decision in Al-Baraka bank? 10) What structure and organizational design does Faysal Bank has? 11) What do you think is the competitive advantage of Faysal Bank? 12) What are HR goals of Faysal Bank?

13) Briefly describe the functions of the HRM department at Faysal Bank? 14) How job analysis is done here? What is it’s process 15) Which methods are used for job evaluation?
16) Which recruitment method is used here? And what are the sources of internal and external recruitment? 17) What is your selection process? On what aspects it is based? 18) How it is determined that employees need training? And what type of training is given here? 19) Do you provide your employees with performance appraisals? Which method you use for this purpose? And how many times does it occur in a year? 20) 11) How do you evaluate performance of an employee?

21) 12) Do you provide your employees with compensations and benefits? And what type of compensations and benefits Faysal Bank offer them? 22) 13) Which HR measuring method is used by Faysal Bank? 23) 14) What quality and competence you think a HR manager should have? 24) 15) Can you tell us about any problem faced by HR department in last few years? And how was it resolved? 25) 16) What are the techniques used by Faysal Bank for the management of stress among its employees?
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