Activity 1: Case Analysis – Case Incident: Jack Nelson's Problem

Topics: Human resources, Employment, Learning Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Activity 1: Case Analysis – Case Incident: Jack Nelson's Problem, page 25 Questions
1. So you think setting up an HR unit in the main office would help? Why or why not? 2. What specific functions would an HR unit carry out? What HR functions would be carried out by front line managers?

Some of the problems that are caused at the local bank are employment issues as well as training issues. Ruth Johnson has only been working at the local bank for two months and yet she has no idea the name of the machine she’s using or what it does. All she knows it, how it works and if it ever malfunctioned, she would have been completely obviously. Since the supervisor has learned that training is important, she shouldn’t have had a problem properly training Ruth but has not given the time to fully train Ruth Johnson because the bank’s home office isn’t there to fill out a program to train new staff. Given these result, it would be accurate to determine that building a Human Resources unit in the main office would be beneficial to the local bank because this will virtually eliminate the consistent flow of replaceable employees. This can help shrinkage as well because each future employee that is brought into this work force will have a background check. Since this local bank has grown just over seven times its institution over the past eight years, there could be complications. This would also help Ruth Johnson because it will help her to understand what she is using and if there is any other problems or new employees than it won’t be a problem showing them what she knows. Most training is done on-the-job but some jobs require more than just work hours. You’ll also have to study outside the office but designing this takes time and that’s where a Human Resources department is handy. Or the local bank could hire a reliable person like another employee of the 22 branches that they own for the day and train new employees like Ruth Johnson so she learns what is being...
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