Problems with the Performance Appraisal Process

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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1. The major problem with the performance appraisal process in the regional office is the lack of employee involvement. If the employers took the employees’ opinions about how they should be rated, they would be more interested in the process and know their expectations and hence perform much better. In the regional office, it seems that they have no employee involvement and the staff think that the “work standards were irrelevant and unfair”, discouraging them to improve their skills and do better. 2. a) Problems that exist with the regional office’s job analysis information are that the staffs are complaining about having work standards that were unachievable for an average worker. The firm should have analyzed their jobs better to find workers that are fit for the job and made clearer job descriptions so that the applicant can see what they would have to deal with in advance to apply and accepting the job. b) The problems with human resource planning is that some employees believed that “performance feedback was too infrequent” and this is a problem because the HR team would not be able to know whether their firm is doing well in relation to their staff as they are not receiving periodic feedback. This could create a large problem as the HR departments are in charge of making sure the workers are doing well and on track with work. c) Problems in training and development are present in the regional office when 70% of the employees did not initial their appraisals even though it’s company policy. This shows that the firm is undisciplined and has no proper foundation or structure to follow. This sets a negative example to workers because if they see that policies are not taken seriously they tend to slack off and not perform to their utmost capacity. d) The problems in career planning arise when the 30% of employees complained about not being informed when there is a new opening in the firm that they might be capable of filling. This discourages the workers...
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