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HR Questionnaire A human resources (HR) questionnaire can be used for several purposes. Key among them is to gauge whether employees in a specific organization require further training. Such questionnaires test the employee’s knowledge on new technologies or techniques before the same are introduced in an organization. A different form of HR questionnaire can be used to gauge employee’s satisfaction with the job environment, the workload and remuneration among other things that enhance employee performance. Based on the data collected in such surveys, the human resources department is able to formulate policy interventions that rectify any weaknesses that may hamper employee performance. Example: Employee Name_______________________ Dept_______________ No.____________ Q1. How would you define your work? ______________________________ ______________________________ Q2. What would you describe as the most challenging thing in your job? ______________________________ Q3. What is the most enjoyable part of your work? ______________________________ Q4. How would you rate your team working skills? ?Excellent ?Average ?Below average Q5. How do you handle pressure at work? ______________________________ Q6. Is there anything that you think the management of the organization can do to help you handle work-related stress better? ______________________________ Q7. How would you rate employee motivation in this company? ?Above average ?average ?below average

Q8. What would you like the management to improve on in order motivate employees in the organization? ______________________________ Q9. What is your mode of working? ?At my own pace just as I meet targets ?Within set times and deadlines ?In a group ?Other (specify) ____________ Q10. Give your honest opinion about employee treatment in this organization and what you would like to see changed. HR Audit Questionnaire by question on January 9, 2010 With human resources audit becoming a mandatory annual undertaking in most organizations, there is no denying the vital role that the HR audit questionnaire plays. The HR audit is conducted for purposes of gauging the overall well-being of the human resource (workforce) in an organization. Through data compiled from such audits, the HR department is then able to figure any lapses or gaps that may exist in the workforce. The audit is also vital in comparing set systems, policies and targets with implementation. In addition, the HR department is able to determine if the organization is sufficiently staffed, whether the HR resources are maximally utilized and whether the workforce complies with set industry laws. Example: Employee Name______________ Date of Employment_______ Dept._________ Q1. How were you recruited? ?Through a series of interviews ?Through a panel interview ?Through a written interview ?A combination of written and direct interviews

?I was just called for the job without any interviews Q2. Have you ever been involved in training and development activities since joining this organization? ___________ If yes, state when__________ Did you find the training beneficial for purposes of enhancing your job performance? ____________ Q3. Do you fully comprehend your rights to compensation and organization benefits? ______ If yes, how did you learn about them? ?By reading the HR manual ?Hearing from my work colleagues Q4. Are you a member of any employee or trade union? _______ If not, why? ____________________________________ Q5. Do you have insurance cover? Q6. Do you understand fully this organization’s policy regarding security and personal safety? ________ Q7. For how long have you been working in the same position? _____________ HR Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire In any organization, the human resources department focuses on the intangible assets of the business – the employees. It is common knowledge that for any business to prosper there needs to be a skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated workforce to oversee the...
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