Performance Appraisal

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Appraising and Managing performance
1. what is? Involves the identification—what areas of work should be exam, should focus on performance that affects organizational success measurement—the centerpiece, all managers in the organization must maintain comparable rating standards. and management—is the overriding goal of any appraisal system. Take a future-oriented view of what workers can do to achieve their potential in the organization. Must provide feedback and coach them to higher level of performance of human performance in organization.

2. the uses
usually for administrative and/or development pruposes. It’s to improve employees performance and strengthening their job skills given dissatisfaction with the traditional process of rating people on various dimensions, some companies are moving away from using rating forms and are focusing instead on listening to workers and coaching the on how to improve 3. identify performance dimensions

What is measured should be directly tied to what the business is trying to achieve. Usually identified by conducting a job analysis,, strategic of the organization The job-analysis identifies performance dimensions based on what workers currently do in the organization. The strategy-based approach identifies dimensions based on goals and where the organization intends to go. It is often difficult to quantify performance dimensions

Measurement tools
1) relative and absolute judgments—compare an employee’s performance to the performance of other employees doing the same job. Provide a rank order. Or classifies employees into groups. it is let the supervisor to differentiate among their workers.(advantages). But not clear how great of small the differences/ do not provide any absolute information/force managers to identify differences among workers where none may truly exist./ make the feedback ambiguous and of questionable value to workers who would benefit from specific information on the various dimensions of...
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