Cango Week 6

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1. Get new review forms and let the new review forms list a few goals for the employee to reach before the next review. 2. Another idea is a peer review, which would have everyone in the office fill out a review for each other but not put their name on the top. Then the person giving the review can put these together and get a better feel for how the people that work with the employee each day think they are doing. 3. Take Warren’s advice and expand the numbers to 10 to give the reviewer more numbers to use. 4. Gail did not really express her opinions about Nick's performance and how she felt in regards of his actions affecting the CanGo team. 5. when Warren was telling Nick about is job performance, Warren was not straight forwardEmployee assessments are vital to the success of a business. They allow you to give praise for a job well done as well as point out areas in the job performance that are in need of improvement. For the good of both the employee and the business it is imperative to have these assessments on a regular basis. As much as possible, you want to make sure that the employee’s assessment is a thorough review of their job performance; this will allow you to clearly see where there has been improvement and what areas in their training are still behind. TBC Consulting has identified that CanGo would benefit from an improvement to their employee performance assessment. An improved method for performing these assessments will help CanGo communicate more effectively with its staff and further encourage growth for the employee and the company.


TBC Consulting recommends implementing a 360 degree feedback to improve CanGo’s employee performance assessments. Amongst other feedback tools that are available, we feel that a 360 degree feedback will allow for the most thorough job performance analysis. Through our research we found this type of feedback tool to be: 1. One of the easiest transition to merge...
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