Organizational Testing and Assessment

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Organizational Testing and Assessment
Organizational testing and assessment is done throughout companies and organizations of all kinds for the purpose of screening and selecting the best employees as part of their staff. Companies need to select tools and materials that are effective and reliable in screening employees. In addition they need to know how to properly administer and interpret the results. In the sections below, performance appraisal, behavioral observation scales, the Big Five Personality Theory, meta-analysis, and Carroll’s three stratum theory will be all described and what their purpose is as to being used in organizational testing and assessment. A performance appraisal is basically the same things as a performance of one’s work, a review, an evaluation, development discussion or way of measuring an employee’s work. Performance appraisals are conducted in order to measure career development and many companies have them regularly. Another way at looking at performance appraisals is as a way of measuring productivity. They are conducted to see organizational citizenship behavior, accomplishments, potential for future improvement, strengths and weaknesses, etc. (Manasa & Reddy, 2009). Performance appraisal data are collected in the three following ways: objective production, personnel, and judgmental evaluation. After conducting performance appraisal with employee/employees, the feedback is then given to them and factors such as career advancement, compensation, or demotion can be mentioned. This is very important in order to determine how companies are doing themselves, and whether they will continue to grow successfully or possibly fail. Behavioral observation scales, on the other hand, are rating systems used in determining how often employees or trainees are exerting the expected behavior of them by their employer. It is a process that measures the employee’s behavior and value because it cannot be measured on productivity alone...
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