Incident 8-1

Topics: Human resource management, Job interview, Labour economics Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: March 27, 2013
1. What do you think is the major problem with the performance appraisal process in the regional office?

In my opinion, the major problem with the performance appraisal process is that employees aren’t being told how they need to improve after the appraisal is conducted, therefore each year the appraisal more or less stays the same. The appraisal is supposed to be used to improve the employees performance, however it is not being used to do so. No feedback is given to the employee after the appraisal and results stay the same year after year.

2. What problems do you think exist with the regional office's (a) job analysis information, (b) human resource planning, (c) training and development, and (d) career planning?

(a) A problem that exists with the job analysis information is that it was not conducted properly. Workers feel that the job they are doing does not match what is expected from them, which is why they commented that the work standards were irrelevant and unfair.

(b) A problem that exists with the regional office’s human resource planning is that it is very disorganized. Human resources at Universal Insurance Ltd. aren’t aware of the job specifications of the employees working at the company and therefore the appraisals aren’t conducted fairly. Also human resources aren’t providing employees with enough feedback to improve in their job, which once again result in poor appraisals.

(c) The problem in training and development is that employees once again aren’t being trained and developed to fit their job requirements. There are standards sets by the human resource department which employees aren’t aware of and because they aren’t being given appropriate feedback, they aren’t able to develop in their field.

(d) Employees feel that any improvement and effort put into their job is useless, since most job openings are being filled from outside, and employees cannot plan their career to move ahead in the company since it will most likely...
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