P6 - Discuss Methods of Continuing Professional Development and Training Relevant to the Career Plan.

Topics: Skill, Training, Learning Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: July 3, 2012
Induction training is training given to new employees. The purpose of the induction training (which may be a few hours or a few days) is to help a new employee settle down quickly into the job by becoming familiar with the people, the surroundings, the job and the business. It is important to give a new employee a good impression on the first day of work. However, the induction programme should not end there. It is also important to have a systematic induction programme, spread out over several days, to cover all the aspects in the shortest effective time. The advantages of induction training are that they are cost-effective and to have the opportunity to learn whilst doing training alongside real colleagues. The disadvantages of induction training are dependent on ability of trainer and time available and bad habits may be passed on. Performance appraisal is the technique which a manager observes and makes judgements on the workers progress that they are making with the result they would then see the present standards. The reason for performance appraisals are so that businesses are able to find out which employees in the work place need to be trained and what would be the best training programme for them. Also they can find out which employee has been working the best and could be offered a promotion. The advantage of performance appraisals is that businesses would have recorded the progress of an employee for a certain amount of time to see how they are performing and can then take further action. The disadvantage of this is that employees would not perform to the best of their ability as they may panic as they are aware that they are being monitored. On-the-job training this is when businesses provide employee training at the work placement whilst the individual is working under the position. Normally a well-trained instructor or either an employee who has knowledge takes on the role as the trainer by using hands on teaching which is frequently backed by...
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