Cango Week 5 Issues and Solutions

Topics: Review, Employment, Peer review Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Week 5 ideas for CanGo

1. Get new review forms and let the new review forms list a few goals for the employee to reach before the next review. 2. Another idea is a peer review, which would have everyone in the office fill out a review for each other but not put their name on the top. Then the person giving the review can put these together and get a better feel for how the people that work with the employee each day think they are doing. 3. Take Warren’s advice and expand the numbers to 10 to give the reviewer more numbers to use. 4. Gail did not really express her opinions about Nick's performance and how she felt in regards of his actions affecting the CanGo team. 5. when Warren was telling Nick about is job performance, Warren was not straight forward with his confessions of how he really measured Nick's performance. I believe that he was afraid if Nick was going to take it personally. This is called Leniency error. A recommendation for this issue is that Warren should be more ethical and point out any issues the employee needs to improve that way there would be no decreased morale and commitment to the organization. 6. Another issue i found is that Ethel decided to give everyone a raise and a promotion when we know that it is unfair for others when Nick is getting one also. This would cause a financial impact because Ethel does not know what is really going on and who is not doing their job well. Therefore, money would be lost for not properly evaluating each employee's performance; both objective and structure.
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