Resourcing Talent

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Task 2
* A review of three different recruitment methods that can be used, and when it is appropriate to use them. * A review of three different selection methods that can be used, and when it is appropriate to use them. * A job description for this role

* A person specification for this role
* An advertisement for this role.
* A list of criteria that you would use to short list a person for this role (these must be derived from the job description and person specification. Recruitment Methods:
Some recruiting processes offer many advantages as well as disadvantages. One internal and two external ways that I could recruit for this role are through an internal employee Job board (hiring within the company), Internet (Job boards) and a newspaper advertisement.

The internet recruiting methods are the most common method used today, and the many advantages consist of lower costs, time saving, they can also provide more information about the applicant.
Advertising has the benefit of accomplishing a greater audience of potential applicants. Advertisement unlike the internet is known to be time-consuming and requires creating a design and message that are well written. Also, many unqualified candidates are attracted to jobs through advertisement, placing a burden on business.

Recruiting from inside through message board s can encourage current employees. The employee knows first hand through past and current performance if they are qualified for the position. I believe that conflict could arise between employees based on not being selected for positions which they feel are qualified for.

In conclusion the best way to fill a position would be the Internet (job board) to find the type of candidate that I would want to recruit, thus selecting the method that would attract the most candidates.

(Recruitment methods – CIPD website - Recruitment methods factsheet – (Cited 23/02/2012)

Selection Methods:
Selection is such an important aspect of any organisation, It is fundamental to the performance of any business. Because of the importance of selection, many different methods have been produced and tested throughout the years.

Below are three selection methods commonly used;-
1) Application Forms /CVs
Application forms or CV’s are a means of collecting written information about an applicant's education, work and non-work experiences, both past and present. Application forms typically request information on an applicant's home address, last employer, previous work experience, education and other information pertinent to employment, such as names and addresses of references. The application form also serves as a guide for the employment interview. 2) Interview

The interview scenario is the most commonly used method when selecting for a role. Interviews allow both the Interviewer and candidate the opportunity to exchange information, it allows the candidate to ask questions about the company and the job thus giving the Interviewer the opportunity to describe the job and responsibilities in greater detail, it also allows the interviewer to assess the candidate’s ability to perform the role. Every candidate should be offered the same opportunities to give the best presentation of themselves. Unstructured interviews are very poor for recruiting the right person. The structured interview is most likely to be effective in obtaining specific information against a set of clearly defined criteria. However, not every manager is skilled at interviewing, and may not be able to judge efficiently the applicant's skills and competencies. Ideally all interviewers should receive training, including the equal opportunities aspects of recruitment and the relevant legislation. (ACAS – Interviews (Cited 3/3/2012) accessed via 3) Assessment centres

The use of Assessment Centres is largely on the...
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